God Keeps His Word – William Marrion Branham

God Keeps His Word

Mix up yourselves together, and have union revivals; get preachers who stay with God’s Word, and not scattered about here. Read the Word. Some of you don’t read the Word once a week. You ought to read chapter after chapter every day.

Meditate; if you’d get your head out of the old magazines and things you’re reading, and out of this old, so many papers, and so-called religious literature that oughtn’t to be on the market… That’s just as bad as reading some of the other magazines, stuff that’s false doctrine, and all kinds of dogma, and basing it upon the–on truth.

Why doctrine can’t be based upon some experience. Doctrine is based on God’s Word, not on experience. People can have experiences of everything?

And how he used to go and run and heard his mother set out on the front porch and call his name, sweetly and softly, “Bartimaeus, it’s nap time for my little boy.” And he would rush up to his mother, as she set on the front porch, and sang the hymns of the Psalms to him, and tell him Bible stories until he would fall asleep in her arms.

How, setting there now, as an old man, withered, hunched in the cold, he’d think of that pretty Jewish mother, her eyes just as sparkly. How she used to brush the hair back from his little baby forehead and say, “Oh, you have such pretty little brown eyes, my boy.” And he remembered some of the Bible stories then, that she used to tell him.

I tell you, the thoughts of a good Christian mother, is a treasure to a human heart that’s never forgotten. God, give us more mothers that’ll take their children, and instead of trying to teach them tap-dancing, and something to ruin and wreck their life, will read the stories of the Bible to them and tell of them of the God of heaven and peace. God knows that we need that above all things now for motherhood.

59-1127 – Blind Bartimaeus
Rev. William Marrion Branham

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