Due to Coronavirus Dozens of Dead Bodies were found floating in river Ganga

Amos 8:3-5 KJV:And the songs of the temple shall be howlings in that day, saith the Lord GOD: there shall be many dead bodies in every place; they shall cast them.

India continues to be the world’s worst Covid affected country with Wednesday’s figure of fresh cases again crossing 3.5 lakhs at 3,62,720. Brazil comes second which reported only 25,200 fresh cases during last 24 hours. For the second consecutive day, the daily death toll in India has crossed 4,000 at 4,136 fatalities.

The cremation grounds in rural areas of UP are working day and night, and to add to the miseries, many bodies of Covid-19 victims have been thrown into river Ganga. 

Several bodies were first sighted at the banks of river Ganga in Ghazipur with different versions putting the figures between 22 and 52. Twelve bodies were found on Ganga bank in Ballia, UP, while 71 floating bodies were found in river Ganga at Chausa Ghat in Buxar, neighbouring Bihar.

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The district collectors of both Ghazipur and Buxar denied that these bodies belonged to local residents. Drone cameras are being deployed at the river banks. 

The Director General of Bihar Police said that 71 floating bodies were recovered at Buxar, and after huge nets were laid at Mahadev Ghat in Buxar on Tuesday evening, six more bodies were noticed. The Bihar police chief claimed that no new bodies have yet been found. Police in patrolling boats are appealing to people not to throw dead bodies into the river.

The UP government has posted police in all the 18 cremation grounds in Ghazipur. More than 20 teams of police and revenue department are patrolling the river banks. 23 bodies found near the Ganga bank in Ghazipur have been cremated so far. Cremation staff in Ghazipur told India TV reporter that a few days ago, the pressure was heavy with more than 90 bodies coming for cremation daily. Some of the relatives decided not to wait and immersed the bodies of their dear ones in the river Ganga. The pressure has now eased, and daily 20 to 22 cremations are taking place. 

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