Control – Branham Quotes

God stays on the control tower in your heart, controls your emotions, controls your faith, controls all you are. When God comes into the heart, He takes over “

59-0423 Abraham’s Seed

Just let all the unbelief out of you, so that the Holy Spirit can come in and just take Its way, you know, and move right through your fibers, and–and control, and–and control your life “

60-1218 The Uncertain Sound

You don’t control your own self. See, you can’t think at all. That’s the reason you have to get your own thoughts away so He can–He can think–put His thinking through you “

64-0500 Audio Letter To Lee Vayle

He wants to be your Ruler, not just your Saviour only. You want Him as a Saviour, but what about being your Lord, that’ll control you, control your emotions, control your thinking, control your every fiber of you, that you could say like the man years ago who let Him in, “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain “

58-0316E Door To The Heart

These signs shall follow believers,” not negative thinkers, not intellectual church members, but borned again believers who’s come from the intellectual to the heart where God takes throne in His control room, to control your emotions, to control your faith, to control your character “

58-1221E The Unity Of One God In The One Church

How can you be a tender at the house of God when you can’t even control your own house? That’s exactly right. Do you know, sister, that your husband is not only your husband, but he is your ruler? God said so “

60-0522(M) Position In Christ

You set around, let your wife act like that, and dress like that, and say nothing about it. Well, you puppet. How would you ever make a preacher? How would you make a deacon? If you can’t control your own house, what are you going to do in the house of God? That’s the reason the house of God’s in the shape it’s in today “

58-0302 Door To The Heart

This is Bible temperance, Holy Spirit temperance. That’s just one of the lust of the flesh. But we’re talking about Holy Spirit temperance. That means how to control your tongue, not be a tattler; how to control your temper, not fly off every time anybody speaks cross to you “

62-1014(M) The Stature Of A Perfect Man

The greatest of all the gifts is wisdom, the second is knowledge. If you haven’t got knowledge, you haven’t got wisdom, how can–to control your knowledge, what good’s your knowledge going to do? See what I mean? Seek the first things first “

56-0611 Hear Ye Him

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