Character – Branham Quotes

Unless we suffer with Him we cannot reign with Him. You have to suffer to reign. The reason for this is that character simply is never made without suffering. Character is a VICTORY, not a gift. A man without character can’t reign because power apart from character is Satanic. But power with character is fit to rule”

Smyrnaean Church Age – Church Age Book Cpt.4

The church has always counted membership. God counts character, not membership”

Investments 63-0126

What you read, what you do molds your character. It tells what you are”

Influences 64-0215

Your works will prove what your character is. Your character is known by the works that you do”

Time Tested Memorials Of God 57-0818

We had better be real careful now to see that we take something that will make us right before God. So, then, what will we take with us? We will take our CHARACTER, brother, that is what we will take with us”

Laodicean Church Age Church Age Book Cpt-9

These signs shall follow believers,” not negative thinkers, not intellectual church members, but borned again believers who’s come from the intellectual to the heart where God takes throne in His control room, to control your emotions, to control your faith, to control your character”

Unity One God One Church 58-1221e

The Word creates a character. We know that. Now, we look into His mirror and identify ourself by some person in the Bible”

Identification 63-0123

The Word molds God’s character to us. And anything that tried to be mixed with that character breaks the mold. You can’t mix creed with Word. You can’t mix the world with the Word”

Identification 63-0123

When men see you living like Him, when he sees your character, your conduct with the Word just exactly like He was, the Word being manifested, then men will see Jesus Christ. They won’t have to look around anywhere else, say, “What does this creed teach, what does that creed teach?” They’ll know what God is when they see you”

Shalom 64-0119

What your present character as a Christian is. Now, you can judge. That won’t make nobody judge you. You judge yourself. See? Nobody’s judging. I’m not passing judgment. But let’s just reflect–see how it reflects from some characters of the Bible, as we mention them, and see what your character is at this present time”

Identification 63-0123

What group would your present character identify you? Would you… In the days of–of Elijah, would you have went out there, where Jezebel, say, cut her hair, and painted her face, and was a modern woman? Now, just–just think where you’re identified now?”

Identification 63-0123

Your name don’t make what you are. It’s your character that makes you. Your character molds you and makes you what you are”

Painted Face Jezebel56-1005

Your character; that’s what God’s a looking at”

Sudden Secret Going Away Of Church 58-1012

Your name associates what you’re… It has an impression upon your character”

Smyrnaean Church Age Jeff.In Rojc 185-227 Tuesday 60-1206

Your character molds you to what you are”

Identification 63-0123

You see people that were noble people, but yet you were always glad to get away from them. It’s just they–they create such an atmosphere around where you are. Nothing against them, they’re nice people, but you just don’t like that atmosphere they–they are–they’re in. And their character creates whatever they are, makes them what they are”

Identification 63-0123

You say, “I’m Pent…” I ain’t saying what you are. I’m asking your character. We’re going below these little things that you’re looking at. We’re going on the inside of you”

Identification 63-0123

Your present character, where would you be at? Now, that’s right where you’d been. Whatever you are right now, that’s just what you’d have been back there. That’s exactly, clearly cut. Oh, my”

Identification 63-0123

You can’t mix oil and water. It just won’t mix. You can churn it up and down, do anything you want to; it won’t mix. And your character will not mix with the world, if you are being molded in the form of God, by letting the mind that was in Christ be in you. That’s the control tower, the direction”

Identification 63-0123

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