Bro Branham Quotes on Engagement, Obligations, Marriage and Fornications

As parents one of the most pressing concerns we have in this Age is the Spiritual and Physical well-being of our children. No other Age has witnessed what the young men and women of this generation have witnessed and are witnessing. That which was done in secret and in darkness is now open for all to see. Never was there such an Age of open permissiveness and perversion – not just isolated events here and there – it is world-wide, leaving no country, city, village, home or hut untouched. All tables are full of vomit – there is no place clean – from the most simple dwelling to the Palace of so-called Royalty.We live in the age of the “people’s rights”- Laodicea (Revelation 3:14-22). Enticing spirits run rampant in the earth causing men and women (young and old), to do that which is right in their own eyes. Politicians are intimidated into legalizing evil and putting restrictions on that which is good. Disguised as a government Anti-hate bill, it is NOW forbidden to “criticize” sin; and absolutely illegal to condemn sin – no matter how sinful and perverted it is. If those who practice it are recognized as “an identifiable group”, we cannot, in any way criticize or condemn it – in the eyes of the government we would be breaking the Anti-Hate laws.All these things make it increasingly more difficult for parents to teach and discipline their children. As Believers, standing for righteousness, our Scriptural ideas about child discipline, courtship, engagements and marriage, are ancient and out-dated in the eyes of this modern, wicked and adulterous generation.

Yes, out-dated, even in the eyes of many so called Christian Churches. Secularism reigns supreme in our Governments, our Educational System and our Churches.In the area of courtship, and marriage, today’s society takes its cue from Holywood’s movie and Hellevision stars, sports personalities and worldly singers – including many so-called Gospel singers, who dress and act like the world. They’re leading souls to hell by the millions. This generation “will NOT have the WORD of God to rule over them”,especially in the area of their personal lives. They will NOT allow the WORD to tell them how to act, dress, sing, discipline their children, or choose a husband or wife. Their attitude is the attitude of the Scribes and Pharisees of Jesus’ day – “Away with the WORD; let Him be crucified”.In 2nd. Corinthians 6:14-18 we find these Words:14. Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

15. And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?

16. And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in [them]; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.

17. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean [thing]; and I will receive you,

18. And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.
In counselling young men and women today, concerning engagements and marriage, very few clergy reference this Scripture. Fewer still, are the young men and women who will allow the Holy Spirit to burn this portion of the Word into their hearts to prevent them from making a most serious mistake in their choice of a husband or wife. Intellectual and/or Carnal emotions and feelings take precedent over the “This Saith The Lord” of the Bible.But the true Believer stays with the WORD of God regardless. It is most important that we stay with the Counsel of Scripture, especially in this area of courtship, engagements and Marriage. Failure to abide by the Word in these things will cause us to eventually reap a whirlwind of heartache, sorrow and sin. I encourage Mom and Dad to consider and stay with the Word-based counsel of God’s servant and prophet, Bro. William Branham. Don’t allow your “phileo (human) love” to usurp “Agapo (Divine) Love”when counselling and/or disciplining your child, especially in the area of courtship, engagement and marriage. Remember, “Agapo Love” is corrective – It is not governed by human emotion or feelings – It stays with the WORD.I encourage our young Brothers and Sisters in Christ to excerise Divine Wisdom when seeking out a life-time companion. Outside of Salvation, your choice of a mate will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life. PLEASE, learn from the mistakes of others. DON’T EVER think that you will NEVER make such a mistake – walk softly and humbly, asking the Lord Jesus to guide you each step of the way.In your search for a mate you begin with Christ. Sit at His feet awhile in prayer and meditation, making your own calling and election sure, and asking for His guidance and wisdom in finding the “right” companion. Marriage is not meant to be “horzontal” only – just between a man and a woman. There is a vertical aspect to marriage. It is this aspect which brings a balance in any relationship. That vertical aspect is God. A Christian Marriage is ‘two hearts’ united in faith toward ‘One God’, who alone is able to keep them from falling into the snare and trap of the Devil.Take some time to seriously consider what “qualities” you feel are necessary in the individual whom you expect to live closely with for the rest of your life. NEVER judge his or her Christian testimony or experience by church attendance, knowledge or enthusiasm during Bible/Message discussions – watch their actions and/or re-actions to the challenges of everyday living – Do you see genuine humility, faith and absolute trust in God? Are they seeking to please God, first and foremost in all they do?These qualities are very important if your relationship is to experience love, joy, peace and victory in the midst of the trials and challenges which comes with marriage. Know what you expect to find in your partner after the initial burst of romance and the excitement of being “in love” has settled down to “normal” everyday living of raising the children, balancing the budget and expressing love for one another in more mature ways.
.Remember, this is a union that MUST continue so long as life shall last. If you choose a house and afterwards feel it is not suitable, you may sell and buy another; if an employee fails to meet the expectations of the employer, that employee can be replace. But should husband or wife find that they have been mistaken in their choice, there is no alternative open to them. They may deeply and bitterly regret their decision, but there is no place for repentance. “Marriage, according to God’s original plan, is a world-without-end bargain”. This is God’s perfect will.The Bible clearly states that “God hates divorce”. In Malachi 2:16 (Amplified) we read,“For the Lord, the God of Israel, says, “I hate divorce and marital separation and him who covers his garment [his wife] with violence, Therefore, keep a watch upon your spirit [that it may be controlled by my Spirit], that you deal not treacherously and faithlessly [with your marriage mate].” Based on this Scripture, I think we can safely say that there will be no divorce in the world to come.In this present evil world the only Biblical justification whereby a man is “permitted” to “put away” [divorce] his wife is “for the cause of fornication” (Matthew 19:9).

If, aftermarriage the man discovers that his bride is not a virgin, he is, according to the words of Jesus in Matthew 19 and other Scriptures, permitted to divorce her. If she repent of her sin then the man would be obligated to “forgive” her as Christ forgives His Bride. Remember, according to the Bible, the man can divorce the woman [only because of fornication], but the woman cannot divorce the man. The Bible further states inMatthew 19 that “whosoever marrieth her that is divorced doth commit ADULTERY.”We’re talking SERIOUS things here.In Matthew 19:8 Jesus, reminds us that “from the beginning it was not so”. From the beginning it was “one” man and “one” woman; and divorce wasn’t even in the picture.Concerning the revelation given to the prophet regarding “Marriage and Divorce” many people today take “one” aspect of what he preached and build a doctrine,attempting to justify divorce and re-marriage, appeasing the conscience of those who want “out of a marriage” for reasons other than what the Scriptures allow. They fail to take into consideration what he said BEFORE and AFTER he preached the Message entitled “Marriage and Divorce”. There are things he mentioned BEFORE that he DID NOT CHANGE during or AFTER the February 22nd, 1965 Revelation on the Marriage and Divorce issue.

Notice the following quotes from two messages by Brother Branham, preached 3 months and 10 months AFTER preaching on “Marriage And Divorce”. The first quote is from the Message entitled “Choosing A Bride”, preached April 29th. 1965; and the second quote is from the Message entitled “Things That Are To Be”, preached December 5th. 1965:Now, it’s a serious thing when we go to choose a wife. For the vows here is until death do we part. That’s how we should keep it. And you take that vow before God that only death will separate you. … A man in his right mind that’s planning a future, that he should choose that wife very careful; be careful what you’re doing. And a woman choosing a husband, or accepting the choice of a husband, should be real careful what she’s doing and especially in these days. A man should think and pray before he chooses a wife.If God could give a man anything better than salvation, He give him a wife. See? And so then, if He could give anything better, He would’ve done it. And then, to see some of them turn and don’t even act like a wife, unloyal to their marriage vows and their husbands the same. You remember, you’re bound as long as you live to one another. What God joins on earth is joined in heaven also. See?It would be great agony indeed to wake up after the matrimonial knot has been tied and find that a life-time mistake has been made. Unfortunately, some make their mistake ‘before’ the matrimonial knot has been tied. I, therefore, advise every young man and woman to reflect prayerfully upon the sort of person likely to prove “suitable for life”. As Believers, standing for righteousness, we MUST act with wisdom, lest we bring reproach on the Gospel. Therefore it is of utmost importance that you NOT RUSH into any relationship. “Wait on the Lord…..Wait, I say, on the Lord” (Psalms 27:14).You must look beyond the initial “best foot forward” relationship and observe your potential companion in the different situations and circumstances of life to make sure he/she possesses genuine, out of the heart, Christian (Christ-like) qualities. Above all other characteristics a life-time mate must possess:1. …..a “living” relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, a Spiritual mind, even the mind of Christ, with all humilty.
2. …..a heart controlled by the Love of God, always putting God first, the body of believers second, themselves last.
3. …..a godly life, lived by the power of the Holy Ghost, endeavouring [by Grace] to daily exercise themselves unto godliness (holiness and reverence toward God and the things of God).For a Believer to knowingly enter into a relationship with a make-believer or a non-spiritual, lukewarm church goer is religious insanity. Such a union cannot be sanctioned by God. I remind you again of the Scripture quoted above wherein Paul admonished the Believers in his day: “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers:;”Never allow yourself to be cajoled by unconverted would-be mates, persuaded byworldly relations, or led by sentimental fairy tale fantasy, or, worst still, animal passions, into a union with the ‘wrong’ companion. You put your relationship with God at risk. Christless unions produce Christless families, living Christless lives, traveling to a Christless destiny. Remember, in mixed marriages (believer with unbeliever), more often than not the Believer goes over to the enemy. Error is contagious but Truth is not. Let the Love of God anoint your phileo love and let the dove of Divine Love lead.Please, seriously consider the following counsel and allow it to govern your decisions. Remember also that in this link we are not discussing the subject of “Marriage And Divorce”, but rather making right decisions before marriage. Remember, there is more to the revelation of Marriage and Divorce than that which is found in Bro. Branham’s 1965 message entitled “Marriage and Divorce”. To fully understand this issue we must take what he said “before” and “after” the “Marriage and Divorce” message. We will discuss the subject of “Marriage and Divorce” in another link.Life Story Of William Branham – 08/20/50a
And notice this one thing now. Later on down through life, I had girlfriends like all boys. And I remember I was a little skeptic of girls; I seen the way women act. And frankly, I never did have very much use for women. I don’t mean you sisters, now, but just to see how untrue they were, some of them. I was around, watched my father drinking and hung around those places, and maybe I’d be around, and I’d see how women come out and living untrue. And a lot of them women’s done gone on to meet the judgment now, and will have to stand there in that day.Life Story Of William Branham – 08/20/50a

And I said I’d never get married; never want nothing to do with one [women]. I’ll be a trapper and a hunter all my life, and I’ll never have nothing with the girl. When I was even seventeen, eighteen years old, I’d pass down the street. I’d see a girl on one side, and I thought she was going say something, I’d cross over and go over on the other side, because I just didn’t want nothing to do. That’s all, didn’t want to hook up – caught up with it or anything, I wanted to keep away from it. And so I went ahead. But finally I found a girl that was a real girl. She was a Christian. She afterwards become my wife.(Editor’s note: Here’s an example for our young men and women to follow – be on your guard, don’t be over-anxious – wait on the Lord! Because of worldly influence too many of our young people push and race into relationships which are contrary to the will of God. Many young people attend youth conventions with the single motive of looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend. In this age there is much emphasis put on relationships and the “enticing spirit” of peer pressure is forcing many of our young people, in looking for a mate, to compromise their faith.Questions And Answers – 01/03/54e
We’ve got to get in the spirit of the last days when the last days are here. You go to a dance hall, you’ve got to get in the spirit of dancing, or they won’t dance. You go to the church, you’ve got to get in the Spirit of worship before you can worship. The world’s got to get in the spirit of the last days before the last days can come, and we’re in the spirit of the last days. And God’s promised that these things would be here, and that’s what we’ve got. We’re in the last days. And men and women are setting asleep and don’t realize it.And the morals – I met a young boy here the other day – Oh, it was sometime ago; it was this last fall. And we were coming into a city. And he was telling me, a young high school boy that was married. He said, “I married this girl, ’cause she was a good girl, and had to marry her before she completed high school.” Said, “We haven’t had a one turned out a virgin, as far as I know in high school for years around here.” See? Just so demoralized…Hebrews, Chapter 7, Part One – 09/15/57
What a blessed privilege that man has that challenge to follow the Lord Jesus, toseparate himself from all his carnal associates to follow the Lord. And if any person seems not to behave themself rightly and to present themselves as Christians but love the carnal things, it’s best for you to hunt another partner right away. That’s right. And if no one will walk with you, there’s One Who promised to walk with you: that’s the blessed Lord Jesus. He will walk with you.(Editor’s Note: The context from which this quote was taken was on the subject of the separation of Believers from undebelievers, regardless of whether they be family or friends. I suggest you get the “Hebrews Series” book and read the previous four paragraphs – Pages 294-295. But the above paragraph is included here because it can serve as a warning to Believers seeking a life-time mate or companion – don’t be deceived by a young man or woman who has a Christian “profession” with no “possession.(Editor’s Note: On Pages 349-350 of the Hebrews Series Book Brother Branham makes the following important comments regarding “boy-girl” relationships and “entering into marriage”.Hebrews, Chapter 7, Part Two – 09/22/57
How we went through it. I said, “If I said to [or] about my wife, ‘Oh, well, I’d like to have two wives. I’d like to run around with this one, and do this and that. But, if I do, my wife will divorce me and my kids will be… And my ministry would be lost,'” You dirty, rotten hypocrite. That’s right. You don’t love her right in the first place. That’s exactly right. If you loved her, there’d be no law about it; you love her, anyhow, and you stick with her. That’s exactly right. And you women will do the same thing to your husband. That’s right.Hebrews, Chapter 7, Part Two – 09/22/57
…..Men see some little Jezebel all painted up, you know, and he’ll go around fall for her, maybe you got a good wife. And then you call yourself a Christian. Shame on you. You need another dose of the altar. That’s right. And some of you women look around at some little old guy with his hair slicked down, enough Vaseline on it to open his mouth. And then you…….Hebrews, Chapter 7, Part Two – 09/22/57
…..There’s fine boys here, Christian boys. A long time ago, when I was pastor here, we used to have just young men’s classes. And I’d speak to the young women on Sunday afternoon about sex and things, then the next Sunday afternoon speak to the young men, and try to get those things curbed out. Some little old girl started going with some little old shrimp downtown here, smoked cigarettes, and had a flask in his pocket, and he drove a little roadster car around town. I couldn’t see what she seen in that boy. He wouldn’t come to church. He’d set out there, put her in church out here, and then he’d set out there on the outside in his car and wait, wouldn’t come in church. She lived in New Albany.Hebrews, Chapter 7, Part Two – 09/22/57

I said, “I want to ask you something, girlie. What in the world do you see in that boy? …..he hates the very religion that you have. He despises your Christ. He’d never make you a husband; he’d make you miserable all your life.” And I said, “Why, there’s fine little Christian boys here that you could go with… Your daddy and mother despises the thoughts of you going out. But you go anyhow, and you think, ‘I’m sweet sixteen.'”Hebrews, Chapter 7, Part Two – 09/22/57
She started wearing makeup and running out, and first thing she was in roadhouses. She’s gone on to eternity now. But then, she stood here, …and You know what the excuse that girl give me back there that she loved that boy? She said, “He’s got such cute little feet and he smells so good.” Could you imagine that? Perfuming hisself up, that’s a sissy, not a man. “Look,” I said, “Sister, I’d rather go with a Christian boy that had feet like gravel cars and smelled like a polecat, if he was absolutely a Christian.” That’s right. True. Yeah, that’s excuse, “Such cute little feet and smells so good.” The little roadhouse runner finally ruined the life of the girl. It’s a shame, disgraceful.Hebrews, Chapter 7, Part Two – 09/22/57
Marriage is honorable, but it should be entered prayerfully and reverently. And genuine love for that woman will bind you together forever. “What you bind on the earth, I’ll bind in heaven.” When you walk down the street yonder, she may get old, and gray, and wrinkled, but that same love you had for her when she was a young beautiful woman, you’ll still have it. You may get stoop-shouldered, baldheaded, and wrinkled-faced, and everything else, but she’ll love you just like you did when you stand with wide shoulders and curly hair, if it’s really God. For you’re looking to the time when you’ve crossed the river yonder, when you’ll spring back again to young men and women to live together forever. That’s God’s eternal promise. He said He would do it. Not only that, we’ll get to it in a minute, He swore He’d do it.Why Are We Not A Denomination? – 09/27/58
I’ll stop on my subject just a minute if it’s possible. I was reading in a piece of Scripture where that a illegitimate child will not enter the congregation of the Lord for fourteen generations. How many knows that? That’s right, Deuteronomy 23, an illegitimate child. If a woman is caught in the field, that’s away from the protection of man, and a man overcomes that woman, that man will have to marry her. And regardless if she becomes a prostitute, he has to live with her till he dies. And if this woman marries him, pretending that she is a virgin, and she isn’t, then she can be killed for it.(Editor’s Note: Brother Branham later clarified the issue of the illegitimate child stating that the blood of Christ atone’s for the child. In genuine repentance the Blood of Christ catches that sin, preventing it from being laid to the charge of that individual. The same applies to the judgement of “visiting the iniquities of the mothers and fathers to the 3rd. and 4th. generations” – genuine repentance annuls the judgement for the repentant individual.)The Serpent Seed – 09/28/58E
Adam had done named all of the creation, everything else. But he wasn’t nothing for himself, so He made Him a helpmate: took a rib from his side, closed up the gash, and made a helpmate to him. And man in his spirit was both man and woman. And “a” woman is just a part of “a” man. And when a man takes to himself a wife, and if she’s correctly his wife, a God-given wife, she’ll be just to him as part of him.That’s the reason you have so many scruples in the marriage. Is because you go out and see some girl with pretty brown eyes, or blue eyes, or something like that, some pretty figure, and you fall for her. First time she has her first baby them teeth comes out, and she gets wrinkled and old, and then you want to kick her out.And some of you women find some little boy with his hair slicked down, his mammy’s lard can half dumped on it, and curly; it’ll all fall out. I know that by experience. But what happens? What is it? You fall for that. You ought to pray first, ’cause a woman is part of you.And if you’ve embraced a woman to your bosom, and taken her for your wife, and she makes an imprint on you… (We’ll say it like this so you’ll understand) and any other woman against that bosom won’t fit that print. And God will hold you responsible for it. You just remember that.Be Certain Of God – 01/25/59
And then in his wedding, instead of marrying among his [Ahab’s] own people, he went over and married a sinner, an idolater, worship of idols. He married Jezebel. And she was not a believer. And no believer should ever marry an unbeliever, under no circumstances: should always marry believers. But Ahab had done this evil thing. And no doubt but what Jezebel was a beautiful woman. And he’d fell for what she looked like in the stead of what she was. So many people make that same mistake to this day. And she had brought idolatry in the nation, among the people. And the people, the priests, their ministers, had fell victim to this great popular demand.(Editor’s note: Please note that Brother Branham said: “No Believer should ever marry an unbeliever”. That is common sense! The Bible is clear in this matter. But should a boy or girl have already committed fornication with, or promised to marry an unbeliever prior to entering into a relationship with the Lord, God holds them to their promise to that “unbeliever”.In an attempt to justify the “unscriptural” actions of certain Brother’s and Sister’s, some have taken this quote “out of the context” of the entire message. They focus on the words “under no circumstances”, failing to take into consideration all that the prophet said – especially after the “Opening of the Seven Seals”. When we take “all” he said then we understand that “under no circumstances” to mean under no “normal” circumstances. But the quotes above and below show that “other than normal circumstances” can prevail which “obligate ” one individual to another because of prevailing circumstances such as:1. A verbal agreement (commitment) to another – whether that one be a believer or unbeliever – God holds the individual(s) to that commitment. Scripturally, the father of a girl can annul an engagement – if the girl is living at home and he annul it as soon as he has knowledge of it.
2. Fornication, intimate contact by mutual consent [even the seemingly simple act of kissing] also obligates a boy and girl to each other “for life” – they have “consummated” a marriage.
It is written: “And if a man entice a maid that is not betrothed, and lie with her, he shall surely endow her to be his wife.”)
Kinsman Redeemer – 10/02/60
And when a man loves a woman and marries her because she’s just pretty, there’ll be an end to that. But when a man finds a woman that he loves, he don’t know why, but he loves her. And she finds the man that she loves, no matter what he looks like – He loves her. She loves him. That’s an eternal mate in glory. Death nor nothing else can ever separate them. Because they are from eternity, and they stepped out into space of time, and will return back to eternity. Eternity has dropped down in a body called time, then it goes right back up into eternity again. It cannot perish.(Editor’s Note: Make SURE your marriage is “made in Heaven” and NOT in hell. Sincerely pray for God’s leadership in finding a mate.End Time Evangelism – 06/03/62
God wants His people to be separated from unbelief and unbelievers. So many of you people make a mistake in this, sometimes letting your children play out here [with] a little Oswald. See? I don’t mean to be different now, and starchy, and so forth, and be some kind of a fanatic. I don’t mean that. You be sure who your daughter goes out with at nighttime. See? Maybe you raised her a godly little old girl around the church, and the first thing you know she gets out with Oswald or some of them, and he’s an atheist, unbeliever, and her life will come up ruined and you don’t know what he is. You see? Then he’ll marry her, and look where your kids are, your grandchildren then. You see?Be careful. God wants His people to be separated.(Editor’s Note: The above quote is a WARNING to parents. While a son or daughter is living at home the parents are responsbile for what they allow their children to do or not do. Parents need to take Joshua 24:15 as a motto for their homes: “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord”. Know what kind of music your child is listening to – even much of the so-called “contemporary Gospel” is unchristian; know what books they are reading; watch the “desires” of your son or daughter in the area of clothing, hair styles and friends – all this will give you an indication of the “anointing” that’s on them.End Time Evangelism – 06/03/62

You read Exodus 34:12 once, and see what God told Israel. “When you go over in that land, clean out everything’s there. Don’t you have one thing to do with it.” Joshua also, 23rd chapter and 12th verse, watch what Joshua said, “Now God’s brought you to this good land,” like the Church now, “and has brought you to this good land. Do you enjoy it?” They say, “Amen, we enjoy it.”Said, “Now there’s some remnant of these unbelievers out here, and don’t you associate with them. Don’t go with them.” Don’t you, sister,[associate with unbelievers] – if that boy wants to take you to a barroom somewhere, just to have a friendly little drink, stay away from him. And the same thing, you boys, to that girl that would do the same thing. Stay away from them. Now you’re going to say, “Brother Branham’s an old crank.” But one of these days you’ll find out. You’d been along the trail that I been along, you’d know that that’s right. Yes, sir.End Time Evangelism – 06/03/62
How many times have I seen in the confession rooms, where the young girls would come in disgrace. That mark will go with her till she dies, and the things that she said. Once raised in a fine Christian home, but here’s what happened; she went out with this boy. He was just so cute she just couldn’t keep away from him, and all like this. And the first thing, he smoked cigarettes and had a flask in his pocket, and they got to drinking, and here you are. See? And there she is in disgrace and that. Oh, it’s a pitiful thing. You see it on both sides. So just stay away, separate yourself. Be nice and kind to everybody, but don’t be partakers of their sin. Stay away from it. Yes, sir.Key To The Door – 10/07/62
By the way, I have a letter here that just come in the mail…..and this comes from the ministerial association that’s got a lot of things. That’s what gets things scrupled up. You see? That they claim in here that some brethren up there that said that I sent them up there, and they’re preaching that men should leave their wives and hunt for their spiritual mate, and tthat I am perfectly infallible, …..And, oh, some of the awfullest things you ever heard. And the ministerial association got ahold of it, and they’re writing me a letter about it, and that I sent them up there and it’s causing a lot of confusion. And some of them prophesying and saying that one man should leave this wife and go marry that one.Now, this church knows that we don’t stand for no such tommyrot as that. We believe in the Bible. We believe that when man takes a woman that’s his wife, and death only can separate them. …….We don’t believe in “free love” either. We don’t believe in that stuff. We absolutely believe the Bible and That alone.End Time Evangelism – 06/03/62
And it’s always, friends, the leaders, each time through the change of these dispensations, has got the people all messed up. It hasn’t been so much the people. If the Gospel would’ve stayed in the pulpit where It belonged…Stature Of A Perfect Man – 10/14/62m
I might say something here. Now, someone got me all wrong here not long ago. I got a letter from the Ministerial Association that said that I believed that there we were soul-mated; and we must leave our companions if we’re not soul-mated to them, to marry another one that we were soul-mated to. Oh, my. I said, “I’m not guilty of a heresy like that.” I’ve always been against that. I don’t believe in that. And certainly not. I believe that God gives us a mate; that’s true. And then we become part of each other. That’s right. And before a man gets married, he should think these things over; study it.

A young man asked me the other day, said, “You think I could – ought to get married, Brother Branham, to such-and-such a girl?”
I said, “How much do you think of her?”
He said, “Oh my, I just love her.”
I said, “Well, if you’re not going to live without her, you’d better marry her then. But if you can live without her, you better not, But if it’s going to kill you, you better go ahead and get married.” I said. And so what I was trying to get to him, this: …..Now, right now before you’re married, everything’s just fine and dandy. But after you get married, then the toils and trials of life come in. That’s when you’ve got to be so in love that you understand one another. When you’re disappointed in her, or she’s disappointed in you, you still understand one another.Why I Am Against Organized Religion – 11/11/62m
I believe in holiness and purity. I believe that man is bound to his wife as long as they live. You shouldn’t take her without praying first.The Absolute – 03/04/63
When a young man is going to get married to a young woman, he must know the character of this young woman. Or the young woman must know the character of the young man, something that she can hold to. Will this man be a just man? Will he make me the right type of husband? Will this woman give to me in life what I expect out of her, of loyalty and so forth? And then it’s got to be somewhere that they can base their vows upon, knowing that there’s something that will hold. And that’s the reason we bring them to the church, and to the Word of God, to get this absolute tied.The Third Exodus – 06/30/63M
The Life of the Messiah manifested making a church ready, a Bride… A woman marry a man and disagreeing with him, it would be some kind of a fuss continually. But when a man and his wife, his girlfriend, his espoused, when they’re in perfect harmony like one soul and one mind, because they’re going to be one flesh… Then when the church can get in such harmony with God until the manifestation of the Bridegroom is manifested in the Bride, because they’re going to be One… Oh, what a great lesson.We Have Seen His Star – 12/16/63
…..but there’s ways that God can reveal Himself to you. You see? Whether it might be dreams, it might be in some other way, if you’ll just submit yourself like Joseph did. No doubt he said, “O great Jehovah God, I come through the lineage of David. And I’m a righteous man; I hope I am. I’m trusting in what You said to be the Truth. And my beloved little sweetheart here, that I’m espoused to – I mind to put her away otherwise, I’m guilty of committing adultery. And she’s to be mother, and I don’t know her as a wife. What is these things, Lord?”Editor’s note: Joseph was assuming that Mary was with child by another man. And Brother Branham is saying that ‘if Joseph consummated a marriage with Mary who was already with child he would be committing adultery.’ WHY? Because the man to whom any womanm gives herself in an intimate affair resulting in conception or non-conception, that man becomes her husband – a marriage has been consummated and God holds them legally obligated to each other till death parts them.Editor’s note: If after having an affair with one woman that a man marries another, he is committing adultery; and causes her to do the same. One doesn’t need great revelation insight to see this scenario – In the Light of the simple teaching of Scripture this is easily understood – IF ONE WANTS TO UNDERSTAND IT. Unfortunately, many who become emotionally involved allow self-will to take preeminence over God’s Will and approach the situation in a way that is contrary to Scripture).We Have Seen His Star – 12/16/63
Now, Joseph was a good man; he was the son of David, and he was espoused to Mary. I’d like to pass this on before we go further. Espousing in the east was the same as marriage: is betrothal. As soon as they were espoused, they were married. When that sacred vow between them was taken, read Deuteronomy 22:23, and you’ll find out that when this woman and man agreed to be married (yet they did not take the vows for months later),if they even broke that vow, they were guilty of adultery. That’s right. When they was espoused, they were just the same as marriage. The law had not give them rights to live together as husband and wife yet, but before God, when they promised one another, their words were sealed in God’s Kingdom. And to break that was just committing adultery. …..minister brothers, if you’d study that right good, it’d clear you up on this marriage and divorce case that’s so hard and different amongst the people today. …..Now, we find out that this could not be broken.Editor’s note: Over a year before he preached on the subject of Marriage and Divorce Brother Branham is again dropping a hint relating to the true Bible teaching on this very important subject.The Oddball – 06/14/64e
I went to a certain place the other night to get something to eat, and the little boys and girls up there hugging and kissing like I don’t know what. And do you know, my little sister, that that’s potentially an adultery? When a man kisses you, he’s potentially committed adultery with you. You should never let him kiss you until you’re married, for the glands, both male and female glands, is in the lips. Do you understand? And when male and female glands come together, let it be where it may be, you have potentially committed adultery. And you shouldn’t let a boy kiss you until that veil is raised on your face and you’re his wife. Don’t do that. It’s committing adultery. It’s mixing male and female glands.The Oddball – 06/14/64e
Why don’t a man kiss a man, woman kiss a woman in the lips? Because it don’t cross the glands. Children is born by crossing glands. So it’s almost a public adultery again, everywhere. Look on the screens and everything you see, a slobbering and a carrying on. No wonder immorality is on the incline [increase]. How can they do it and spurn themselves all up by kissing those women in the mouth, knowing that that’s adultery.God won’t forgive it unless you repent.Questions And Answers – 08/23/64e
QUESTION: Brother Branham, what is the meaning of a annulment? Are people free to marry or is this just another word for divorce? I would like some information on this.ANSWER: Sure they’re married. As long as they take that vow, they’re married. Just like a boy, if a boy promises a girl to marry her under good faith, he’s obligated to that girl. He’s just as good as married her. The only thing the law does, is give you a bill of rights to live together to keep from being common-law husband and wife. But when a man tells a woman, “I will marry you, Honey; I will take you for my wife. Will you take…”he’s married. Your vow is sacred; that’s what marries you anyhow. There’s not no preacher can marry you, no magistrate, or nothing else; it’s your own vow to God “and” to this man. When you promise, you are married.Questions And Answers – 08/23/64e
And little lady, if you promised to marry that boy, you’re obligated to do it. If you marry another after that obligation, from now on anyhow [after receiving this knowledge] -you’ll be living in adultery. And notice, the same thing to a boy promising to marry a woman… Don’t you make your vow to anybody unless you mean to stick with it.Remember, there’s the Bible for it. Joseph promised to marry Mary. And God said that was that…Questions And Answers – 08/23/64e
Read the Old Testament laws on that. See? The Old Testament law, if you promised to marry a woman, and you married another one, you was committing adultery; and it throwed you out of the camp. Yes, sir. You have to keep your vows when you promise a woman that. She’s a sacred little vessel, and that’s to bring child life into the world again. So when you promise her, you must marry her.God’s Provided Place of Worship – 04/25/65
Did you know any man that kisses a woman is morally obligated to marry her?Potentially it’s a sex act. Sure, it is. Yes, sir. What is it? It’s the male glands in a man’s lip and the female glands. When male and female glands comes together, it’s sex. Look on Hollywood; look at the little girls laying out here in the parks and the boys wallowing around over these girls, and things like that, and even singing in choirs.Editor’s note: THIS IS SERIOUS! In no uncertain terms the Prophet says that kissing is a “potential” sex act, thereby making it “potential” adultery or fornication. In the kissing and other acts, such as necking, petting, etc. the “potential” or power and force for adultery and fornication is there. If one continues to do it, it will eventually become the spark that flames the fires of adultery and fornication, which eventually trap a person(s) into unfortunate and irreversible relationships. Jesus said, “That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” Here Jesus warns us to guard our thoughts of or about intimate things. We can’t stop the birds from flying over but it’s important that our thoughts not evolve into uncontrolled lust. James said, “when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.”

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